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What you need to know from this week on “The Ultimate Fighter”

It's wildcard fight night this week on "The Ultimate Fighter," as well as the coaches' challenge. Who will win the last spot on the quarterfinals? Which coach will prevail? And why are the Octagon Girls wearing cheerleading uniforms? Read on for spoilers and a fight recap.

As was announced in last week's episode, Chuck O'Neil will fight Javier Torres in the wildcard bout that will decide the last quarterfinalist. Len Bentley, who felt like he was screwed in his bout, is not happy and goes after Dana White to ask for a spot in the finale. You can imagine how that goes over. The fighters had a spot to speak up last week with Dana and the other coaches, and Bentley was nowhere near s enthusiastic in during that talk as he was when he grabbed Dana.

"If you had grabbed me like this two hours ago, we wouldn't be having this discussion," White said.

Whiner of the week: Bentley goes on and on and on about how he's the best fighter. And on. And on. Everyone gets annoyed with this, and Ryan McGillivray uses the opportunity to stir the spot. He tells Bentley that Junior dos Santos told him (do you feel like you're in seventh grade?) that Brock said that Bentley's knee wasn't ready.

Bad idea jeans of the week: Bentley decides he will stand up to Brock, calling him selfish and rude. Good plan.

When he does, Lesnar said that it was because of the knee, and that both Brock and Dana wanted healthy fighters. He also said that Dana really liked how Chuck and Javier fought.

Len goes back to his workout. Way to tell him, Len!

On the other side of the coin, Lesnar doubts that O'Neil really wants to fight. Oh, jeez.

"I Feel Pretty" of the Week: O'Neil decides that it's time to ditch the dirty neckbeard look.

He gets rid of his neckbeard, cleans up the hairstyle, and admits that the cameras may have gotten to him.

The makeover worked, as O'Neil is back to impressing his coaches. Marty Morgan says, "He said I'm no longer good time Chuck. I'm back to being Cold Steel."

Roommate issues of the week: It's that time of the season when the fighters get tired of living with each other. This time, the issue is Chris Cope's loudness, and how Shamar Bailey wants to fight him just to shut him up. Ahh, togetherness.

COACHES CHALLENGE! It's my favorite part of the series. (Besides, y'know, good fights.) The challenge is football, and they're playing at Fertitta Field at Bishop Gorman High School, where Dana and the Fertittas went to high school. Considering Lesnar tried out for the Vikings and grew up in the football-crazed U.S., he has an edge over dos Santos, who said, "I never played this!"

They have to run through a series of football drills, include ropes, a slalom, hitting a tackling sled, throwing a pass and kicking a football. The first one done gets $10,000, while his team gets $1,500.

Brock gets down in a three-point stance to start, and they're even until Junior kicks a field goal more quickly than Brock. He also is able to throw a pass with more success than Brock, so he wins the challenge and gets $10K.

"I think we both sucked. He just got luckier than I did," Lesnar said.

Dos Santos decided to give some cash to the fighters and coaches on the other team. Everyone except Brock.

Quote of the week: "Team dos Santos has four wins, and we have three. This would tie us up, and it's good to win. It's better to win than to lose." -- Brock Lesnar

Fight of the week: Javier Torres (Team dos Santos) vs. Chuck O'Neil (Team Lesnar)

Round one: O'Neil starts with a kick to the head and a takedown attempt. He can't get the takedown, and the fighters take the bout to the fence. Torres and O'Neil exchange knees until O'Neil breaks away and throws a punch. However, they end up right back at the fence. O'Neil is unsuccessful in a trip attempt, and they go back to kneeing each other in the body. Referee Herb Dean breaks them apart after Torres lands an inadvertent knee to O'Neil's groin. When they restart, they continue clinching.

Round two: Torres finally gets his takedown in the first minute of the round. O'Neil cage walks up to his feet then takes Torres down. At this point, the fight slows down. O'Neil tries for a kimura that he doesn't have, while Torres has no idea how to get out from underneath O'Neil. Finally, O'Neil can get movement, and sinks in a D'Arce choke. Torres taps, and O'Neil moves on.

Each team has four fighters in the quarters. The match-ups are:

Clay Harvison vs. Ramsey Nijem

Chris Cope vs. Shamar Bailey

Chuck O'Neil vs. Zach Davis

Tony Ferguson vs. Ryan McGillivray

The first two quarterfinals will air next week.


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