Sunday, 8 May 2011

UFC 129 has 55,000 seats sold and fans are still clamoring to get in

Tom Wright, the UFC Director of Canadian Operations, revealed Wednesday that a few hundred more seats may be made available for UFC 129 later this week. How many tickets does Canada need? Wow! The crazy Canadian fans blew out 42,000 seats at the Rogers Centre in record time and then quickly scooped up an additional allotment of 13,000. That means the only way to get into the giant baseball/football stadium now is the secondary market.

Seat Geek gave Yahoo! Sports these notes on the current ticket situation:

- Tickets are averaging $336 for the sold out event.
- This is a 25% increase over 128 in Newark which averaged $270.
- The "get in" price for UFC 129 is $111 for tickets in the mezzanine.
- Seats by the cage are going for up to $5,000

The Toronto Globe and Mail says the overall economic impact of UFC 129 in town could be huge. The Toronto Star's Cathal Kelly is on the other side telling fans don't bother. He can't fathom paying $800 to see a fight.

You can watch UFC 129 on PPV (9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT) right here on Yahoo! Sports.


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