Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Track Nose '34 Coupe.. Coming together 5/17

  I've wanted to do a tracknose for a while, started a '32, but really got inspired looking at old pix of the SoCal '34 coupe. Wanted to do something dry-lakes style but still streetable, and started cutting on a snap-kit chopped '34 shell. The hood's too short anyway.

The top is already chopped on these kits, but I want more. Going to lower the back straight down and lay the windshield pillars back to avoid stretching the roof. Old Monogram midget nose is getting grafted to '34 hood.


A little grinding, a little filling...polyester glazing putty in use.


Ignazio Giunti Mauro Galvao Osmo Hansen Shelby Howard Ben Mortimer Gerrit Wolsink Nicolas Aubin

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