Monday, 9 May 2011

I didn't mean to do this...

I've never built a diorama before nor did I intend to. I've always been  just waiting for someone to build one that was cool enough and I would just buy it. Kinda like the snap on garage. Well....I'm in the process of building a speed shop. Not intentionally, just by accident. I recently built a custom dually and a 44' Galaxy trailer and all I wanted to do was put them in a glass case to keep the dust out.

Well nobody makes a case big enough, so, I figured a few pieces of plexi and I'd be done with it. Well then I thought it would be cool to show the trailer open and the cars it hauls on display, kinda like a car show.... Well then I decided there was no point in wasting all this space so, I might as well make a speed dio out of it :(

I'm no good at these things. I need kits with instructions and pieces that fit together. I applaud all of you that pull this off and make it look easy.

Here's a few pics of what I have accomplished so far. I welcome any remarks you have, good, bad or, otherwise. It's still a WIP.

I'll try to explain the layout as best as possible. It's 2 layers or "2 story" so to speak.

 (first of all, disregard the quality of vehicles in the shop, they are only for mock up, i built most of these when I was a lot younger and far less advanced in my skills)

Ok, so the space where the silver vette and Enzo are is going to be the showroom, it will have mirror with rotating bases. Just to the left of them will be and office and restoom area. My goal was to make all areas of the shop visable from the office. I also wanted to keep it pretty open so you can see all areas.


This is a paint booth that I am working on right behind the showroom and office.


I'm going to have 2 lifts in the main shop area. I can't decide how they need to be facing yet? At angles? Straight? In different bays?


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