Monday, 23 May 2011

Harper Collins provides preview of 10 chapters in Brock Lesnar's "Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival"

Brock Lesnar's new autobiography "Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival" hits stores next week, and publishing company Harper Collins now has a preview of several chapters of the book available. Check out the the below quote from the back of book, then check out the link for the preview. The book goes on sale on May 24.

"There has been a lot written about me over the years, and I have managed to ignore most of it. I don't watch much TV. I don't spend any time on the internet. I don't read the fan magazines. And I don't listen to gossip.

But even though I do my best to stay away from all of the hype, people are always coming up and asking about the latest rumor some jackass started about me. I can't stay away from it. It's everywhere. People want to know what really happened, the story of my life as I've lived it.

The bottom line: I don't talk about my personal life with strangers. This one time, and this one time only, you are invited to join me in my private life for a few hours. Just don't ever expect another invitation."

Link to Book Preview:


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