Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Georges St. Pierre says left eye will be fine, but still can't see after UFC 129 victory over Jake Shields (UPDATED)

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Saturday night's bizarre main event between Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields saw both fighters look perhaps the worst they have in any major fight either of them have had in recent memory.

Shields employed a confounding gameplan that didn't see him attempt to utilize his strengths at any point, while St. Pierre battled through an eye injury that had his game severely affected through the last three rounds of the fight. There was a definite worry that perhaps St. Pierre severely damaged the eye, and that it could be a potentially threatening injury, but those fears were allayed by the champ himself.

On Twitter early Sunday morning, St. Pierre said that after seeing the doctors his eye will be fine. However, he revealed he's still having vision problems.

"Hey everybody, leaving the hospital soon, just finished all my eye tests, I still don't see anything from my left eye but I'll be [fine]," St. Pierre tweeted, before thanking fans for their support.

Though there's been no further update than that, it's likely that he avoided any retina damage from whatever blow caused the problems for him during and after the fight.

Link to GSP's Twitter

Penick's Analysis: However it exactly happened, it was clear that the eye was a major issue for him on Saturday, and it allowed Shields to have more success on the feet than it otherwise would have. Still, Shields never seriously attempted to take St. Pierre down after failing on a single leg in the first round, and his decision to stand and kick box with St. Pierre for the entirety of the fight made no sense at all. It was a bad performance on both ends, but the good news here is that hopefully St. Pierre has avoided a serious injury with the eye, and hopefully he'll regain his full vision soon.

UPDATE: St. Pierre has added a couple of tweets with a little more information on the situation.

"Hey guys just want to say that I am ok," he wrote. "I'll need to see a doctor in the next days! Yesterday I was told it was not a retina problem. I am so lucky my BJJ instructor Bruno Fernandes is an [ophthalmologist]!!! I'll be in good hands!!!"

Source: http://www.mmatorch.com/artman2/publish/UFC_2/article_9210.shtml

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