Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fighters approve of health insurance, but what does it mean for fans?

When news broke that the UFC has decided to give fighters health insurance through their training camps, fighters were, understandably, excited. Several fighters quickly tweeted their approval.

This insurance will cover fighters' injuries while they are in camp. It's a huge victory for fighters and a smart move by Zuffa, but what does it mean for the fans?

It means that we'll see better fights. Fighters won't feel the need to go through their bouts with injuries just to get their medical expenses covered. A fighter is rarely at 100 percent when he or she goes into a fight, but now it will be less likely to see a fighter go through with a bout when it's not the smart or healthy move. Fighting with a torn ACL, a broken bone or a concussion will no longer be necessary, and healthier fighters make for well matched-up, more exciting fights.

Or as veteran fighter Jason High tweeted, "Nothing worse than seeing someone you know is injured fight anyway so they can get their [expletive] fixed."


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