Thursday, 12 May 2011

CBS columnist says Pacman fight was another winning night for MMA

With UFC in a little break, we're sure some you gave the Manny Pacquiao-Shane Mosley fight a try. Did you walk away disappointed and cursing boxing? Gregg Doyel, a national columnist for CBS Sports, did:

These days, the best advertisement for the UFC is a boxing fight. The bigger, the better. Only the biggest boxing fights get our attention, and when a big one finally comes around -- as it did Saturday when Manny Pacquiao fought Shane Mosley -- we watch it or read about it. And we are reminded:

This is why the UFC is moving ahead of boxing.

Doyel wasn't impressed by boxing's best:

Boxing lost.

Boxing almost always loses on a night like this, because the fight rarely lives up to the hype. The best thing about a big boxing fight nowadays is the series of pre-fight specials leading up to it. You get to watch Pacquiao and Mosley train. Hear them talk. See who they are as people. It's riveting TV. And then they fight. Revolting TV. And all for the low price of $54.99!

It's unfortunate that the main event was lackluster because the two big undercard fights leading into the Pacman tilt were excellent.

Kelly Pavlik and Alfonso Lopez locked horns in a rough 10-rounder while Jorge Arce's dramatic win over Wilfredo Vasquez Jr. was even better. But as Doyel points out at the bottom of his column, he didn't even know those fights were on. Why? Because boxing is still a work-in-progress when it comes to shining a bigger spotlight on the entire card instead of just the main event.

MMAjunkie's John Morgan gave boxing a try on Saturday night. He covered the fight ringside in Las Vegas at�the MGM Grand Garden Arena. He came away impressed with one of boxing's young leaders, Todd duBoef, the president of Top Rank Promotions.

Morgan appeared on ESPN 1100 to compare and contrast the MMA versus boxing experience in the arena. Listen here.

Good for John. At least approach boxing�objectively. Too often there seems to be some animosity from both sides of the boxing and MMA media. I still don't understand why. A great fight is a great fight. It was interesting to see's Dan Rafael taking some subtle shots at the UFC 129 main event.

Oddly, Big Dan never tweeted a request for reaction to Pacman-Mosley.


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