Monday, 14 March 2011

Fired UFC fighter Duffee lists the positives of the Strikeforce takeover

Todd Duffee might be the last guy you'd expect to look at the UFC's purchase of Strikeforce through rose-colored glasses. That's exactly what he did when he posted a long message on the Underground Forum.

Duffee, a hot shot prospect in the UFC's heavyweight division, was released last year. The reason has never officially been released, but it was pretty obvious a series of run-ins with UFC management didn't help his cause. Duffee's only 25 and it sounds like he's gained a little more perspective on the sport since his ouster. Here are some of the things that he listed as the positives of Zuffa swallowing up Strikeforce.

1. My first thought was all the great possible match-ups we will get to see.� I understand they will be operating separately for some time but I hope when they say cross promotion they are saying mega fights will happen not just strike force will have a booth at the fan expos.

2. Next women's MMA will get a huge mainstream push I wasn't always a fan but the better they get the more I like it just the same.

3. Some of the greatest fighters in the world won't have to hear the dreaded question of when will you get good enough to be in the UFC and instead get the respect they have already earned.

4. MY FAVORITE� positive is that the UG will stop picking teams and stop the endlessly dumb trolling of the UFC is better than strike force and vice versa. And maybe this place will stop being such a wasteland of bitching and crying.

5. More unified rules and possibly better judging due to the fact that Zuffa will have more power to help make those changes.

6. Another step in gaining the same respect the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, etc.

7. Strikeforce will now have the money to put on more shows meaning guys won't have to sit on the shelf for long periods of time.
More shows means possibly more free shows.

8. More pull within the Japanese market due to Strikeforce's good relations which might save Japanese MMA.

9. The naysayers can now be ignored and we can rest assured that the [heavyweight] tourney will go on.

10. Also the greater possibility of more tournaments in the future as a feeder into the big shows.

11. Possibly better announcing which seems to be a huge complaint.� Maybe they buy that fellow off Bellator, Jimmy [Smith] believe is his name. actually both they make a good team.

Do you buy all of that? I think he may be off on the female fighting point. Unless Dana White has a complete change of heart in the next 18-24 mos., females are probably headed back to the minors.

Duffee also clarified that his post wasn't an ass-kissing effort to get him back in the good graces of White and co.

I am not praising the buyout.� I like everyone else when they heard of the news sat around and talked about all the negatives. But realizing it did me absolutely no good. I decided to start this thread to see what the positives of the buyout could be jotting down some of my immediate positive thoughts. As in usual fashion, I was met with a bunch of negative uselessly angry posters. This is not to get in good graces with Zuffa. I am a year and many wins away from them remembering my name or face.


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