Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Dana White UFC 128 vlogs: GSP says it’s mostly mental for Jones tonight

A trip to the New York area always makes for interesting material on a Dana White vlog. The UFC president and his cameraman Eliot are in the midst of the madness during the 250th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York.

White is also seen taking Chuck Liddell and Georges St. Pierre to the New York Knicks-Memphis Grizzlies game on Thursday night. GSP is asked for a pick, says he's biased because they're training partners and goes with Jones. But he did point out that the fight is mostly mental for the 23-year-old. This early title opportunity for Jones is reminiscent of a 22-year-old GSP getting a crack at Matt Hughes back at UFC 50 in 2004. GSP lost via armbar and has always he said he wasn't ready mentally at that time for such a big fight.

Another teammate, Rashad Evans also makes his pick on the vlog and chooses Jones by second round finish. Evans and Jones have appeared to be at odds through the media the last few weeks.

The UFC uploaded White's third UFC 128 vlog with a view from the stage during yesterday's weigh-in.

During the opening seconds of the video, White meets with New York-area hero Joe Lozito. Lozito helped the NYPD catch a serial stabber last month on the subway by using a technique he said he learned from watching mixed martial arts.


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